Scope of the SFPL Banned Books Pathfinder

The intent of this pathfinder is to provide youth patrons of the San Francisco Public Library with information on the subjects of Banned Books, censorship, and intellectual freedom. Patrons are able to access this information remotely via the public library system website, or on site at any one of the local library branches. A variety of resources are offered, including material in print, articles via the library's databases, and Internet sources.

This pathfinder includes resources that cover the history of banned books and censorship, as well as resources in several different formats. For example, here you will find helpful books, articles from SFPL subscription databases, and a variety of resources from the Web that include blogs and magazine articles.

We've also included examples of classic banned books and examples of more recent banned and challenged books.

On the search strategies page you will find tips on how to conduct effective searches, and the Information Literacy page will help you with your writing, understanding plagiarism, and citing sources.

If you don't find what you need on this pathfinder, contact us via email or phone and we will assist you with your research needs.

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Remember Banned Books Week!
September 25−October 2, 2010