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"Censorship." West's Encyclopedia of American Law

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Here are some viewpoints to get you started!
Books Are Not Being Banned. Thomas Sowell.
Opposing Viewpoints: Censorship. Ed. Byron L. Stay. 
San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1997.
Books Are Being Banned. Michael Granberry.
Opposing Viewpoints: Censorship. Ed. Byron L. Stay. 
San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1997.  

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SFPL Print Resources
This selection of books will help guide you through the initial stages of research on banned books and related topics. Note the book title and Call Number, then stop by the library to pick up the book. While your there, browse the stacks! You never know what you'll find.


120 Banned Books : Censorship Histories of World Literature (2005)
 by Nicholas J. Karolides, Margaret Bald , and Dawn B. Sova
Call Number: 363.31  K147o  2005
Summary: Descriptions of the 120 Banned Books including summaries and reasons for banning.
Appropriate For: middle school students

Banned! : Book Censorship in the Schools (1988)
by Donald J. Rogers. 
Call Number: J323.4  Ro
Summary: Discusses censorship cases occurring in schools. Examines the impact on school libraries, media centers, and on textbook selection.
Appropriate For: middle school students

Banned in the U.S.A. : A Reference Guide to Book Censorship in Schools and Public Libraries (2002)
by Foerstel, Herbert N.
Call Number: 025.213 F685b 2002
Summary: A survey of major book banning incidents; the law on book banning; voices of banned authors; the most frequently banned or challenged books, 1996-2000.
Appropriate For: adults

Trust Your Children : Voices Against Censorship in Children's Literature (1988)
by Mark I. West
Call Number:  363.31 W52t
Summary: This straightforward look at censorship of children's literature should be required reading by any school board member, librarian, teacher, or publisher. Addresses the effect of censorship on handling the books of controversial authors and the selection of new materials to publish; leaders of the anticensorship movement discuss their fight to see that children have the right to read a variety of materials. This delightfully one-sided look at the current round of censorship provides insight and inspiration for the reader to continue the battle.
Appropriate For: adults

Intellectual Freedom

Intellectual Freedom for Children : The Censor is Coming (2000)
Written and compiled by the Intellectual Freedom Committee, Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association
Call Number: j025.213 Inte
Appropriate For: middle school students

Free Web Resources

Banned Books

Information about Banned Books Week

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Books Challenged or Banned in 2008-2009

Reasons Why the Books Get Banned

Banned Books Online
Books, Books, and more Banned Books!

Blogs about Banned Books

Do you read banned books?

JacketFlap: JacketFlap is a comprehensive resource for information
on the children's book industry. Thousands of published authors,
illustrators, librarians, agents, editors, publicists, and publishers visit JacketFlap every day!

Where people can go to read and review banned books

Censorship and the Law

Censorship, the Internet, Intellectual Freedom, and Youth

Censorship in Public Libraries

Censorship & the Law

The First Amendment

Board of Education v. Pico
Court case that decided the school boards did not have the right
to ban books from school library shelves. 

Meet Your Student Librarian
Elsa Werner

Elsa Werner has been a teen librarian since 2009, and is ready to help you learn more about banned books and censorship.  Ask me about my favorite banned book!


Remember Banned Books Week!
September 25−October 2, 2010